Join Our Family

There are many reasons why you should join an MC and equally as many why you shouldn’t.  So many articles have been written and too many youtube opinions have been given.

Our resounding reason: Brotherhood!!!

Weather you are a “lone wolf” or a pack player; in this fickle and dysfunctional world with dysfunctional societies where trust and integrity has become cliches; Steelwings Zambezi is all about exactly this, but in the true meaning of the words: TRUST & INTEGRITY.

We all stand for something but collectively it’s about STRENGTH IN UNITY.  We are not here today and gone tomorrow.  We do not only know each other in the good times, but also the bad.  No judgement… simple expectations – but these we take serious.

Join our facebook page and message us for more details.  

Note that we are a small MC Chapter and intend to keep it this way.  We are not about a following but rather a movement.  We are selective about who we accept, ’cause once you are in, we give and expect 100% loyalty.

Biker brothers for life!!!